Use Cases

Open Lending Platforms

PolkaFoundry can connect dapps to reliable sources for price feeds and credit checks to automate loan decisions.

Decentralized Insurance

Dapps can integrate PolkaID for identity verification and query for real-world incidents for automatic insurance payment.

Cross-chain DEX

DEX can exchange tokens on parachains or crypto-currencies on external chains (BTC, ETH, etc.) via bridges.

DeFi Derivatives

With PolkaFoundry’s EVM support, it is strait-forward to bring ideas from Ethereum derivatives dapps to the Polkadot ecosystem. The smart and intuitive features of PolkaFoundry can drive new innovations into this space.

Prediction Markets

PolkaFoundry provides prediction dapps with real-time event data and reliable randomness sources to determine prediction results.

Auction & Marketplaces

PolkaFoundry enables dapps to create frictionless UX to attract larger audiences such as artists, musicians, and collectors. Marketplaces can also store assets’ metadata and large files on PolkaFoundary’s DocuGuard service.